Sunday, November 8, 2009

Three Interesting eLearning Blog Sites

#1 The Rapid eLearning Blog - I installed a software suite called, "Articulate Studio 09."  This is a set of programs that allows me to create Flash-based eLearning courses using MS Powerpoint.   In addition, it allows me to convert videos into Flash, create Flash-based quizes, and add interactive content.  As a service, the company publishes a blog that shares tips and tricks for eLearning success.  It's a very practical site.  You learn instantly how to jump start your next eLearning project.  There isn't much on learning theory here.  It's more about how to get started right away, with some quick tips on Instructional Design.

#2 All Things Upside Down - This is a blog by Mike, a learning development consultant based in Ohio.  He posts interesting links and readings here for others to view.  It's a nice summary and synopsis of what's out there.  I like his choices.  He allows and invites commentary, so I think that I could make a contribution to his site.

#3 1:1 in Practice - This is a very intresting site, because it involves using new eLearning technologies for kids in Indonesia.  It's international, and it's got a lot of innovative ideas.   A Literacies Specialist at Sinarmas World Academy in Indonesia describes her journey as she experiments with new technologies in the classroom.  But it's not just about your traditional eLearning tools.  She talks about video games that kids play today (some of them being too violent) and also about PBS documentaries such as "Digital Nation," a new, open source PBS project that explores what it means to be human in  a digital world.  I like this site the best, because of its international focus as well as its timeliness in describing our rapidly changing digital world .

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